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“More Than A Holiday Fling” – excerpt II

17 Sep

Here’s another sneak peak at More Than A Holiday Fling.  Hope you like it! I’m probably halfway through the story but will need to get it edited as, well, I suck at editing!


“Good evening Lia.” Lia swallowed a scream and quickly turned from the refrigerator to where Daniel’s voice came from.  Daniel was leaning nonchantly against the kitchen door frame with his arms crossed loosely in front of him.  Lia’s palms became sweaty and her heart started beating so fast she thought she would pass out.  She swallowed a few times before she managed to speak.

“How did you get in here?” Lia whispered as her eyes darted around the room trying to find an escape route.  Daniel slowly straightened up and started to walk towards her.  Lia felt like everything was going in slow motion but it wasn’t slow enough for Lia to be able to move her limbs.  Daniel finally reached her and all Lia could do was try and disappear into the door of the refrigerator.  Daniel smirked as he saw Lia trying to back away but unable to move anywhere and placed both hands on either side of her, trapping her in.