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Brief Excerpt of “More Than A Holiday Fling”

25 Apr

In Holiday Fling, I mention at the start of the story how Lia went to the same cafe every morning and always ordered the same thing – a skinny latte and blueberry pancakes.  What I didn’t mention, is that Lia is something of an addict….a coffee addict.  So just imagine what she’s like without her fix.  Here’s a hint…


“Shut up Matt.  I had a shit night and I haven’t had my coffee yet.  Do you really want to get on my nerves right now?”  Matt’s eyes widened in shock and he rushed past her without another word.  Everyone who worked with Lia knew she had a tendency to have rage blackouts if she doesn’t get a caffeine fix early enough.  There may or may not have been an incident where a stapler was thrown at someone’s head when they used the last of the coffee beans and didn’t refill the machine.


PS – I’m trying to decide how much of Matt will be in the sequel.  So far he seems like a nice guy.  But then again, this is the first time we meet him, so who knows!!

PPS – Yes, I also have a caffeine addiction.  No, I haven’t thrown a stapler at anyone’s head.  Yet.