Holiday Fling – excerpt II

18 Apr

Here’s the second excerpt from Holiday Fling.  What are your thoughts so far?


After spending the next half hour nervously pushing her food around, wondering how she could get out of going out with Daniel and trying to think of how she could sneak away without him noticing, Lia saw Daniel come from behind the counter and started stalking towards Lia.  There was no other way of describing the way he slowly walked towards her with a possessive look in his eyes.  Lia nervously swallowed.  “You don’t have to spend your spare time showing a tourist around.  I’m sure you have better things to do than visiting places you’ve been a thousand times.”  The look on Daniel’s face showed that he knew what she was doing and that she wouldn’t get away with it.  “Not at all.  I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing than spending the day with a beautiful woman, showing her the sights, getting her excited….about all of the great places we have here.”  Lia knew the pause was intentional and could already feel herself getting excited.  She had been turned on since Daniel had spoken to her earlier that morning and kept changing her mind as to whether today was going to be a good chance to have some great sex, or if she should run away and never look back.  Deep down though, Lia knew even if she ran, that Daniel would follow her and find her.  The thought both terrified her and excited her.  “Shall we get started?” Daniel asked.  Lia nodded and stood to follow him out the door.  They walked in silence for a few minutes before Daniel spoke.  “I’ve been watching you since you came to the café that first morning.”  At this, Lia looked up at him with an uneasy expression.  Daniel laughed. “Not in a creepy, stalker way, but trying to figure you out.  A beautiful woman holidaying by herself, eating at the same place every day, ordering the same meal, and ignoring all the admiring looks every single guy has given you.”  Lia shook her head at that.  “No one has been looking at me.  Hell, I haven’t even had anyone even speak to me unless they worked at the resort.”  Daniel shook his head in disbelief at her lack of awareness.  “Have you really not noticed every single guy looking at you like they’d love to eat you up for breakfast?  I have.  And I wanted to punch every damn one of them.”  Lia stumbled on the path at Daniel’s words.  Daniel caught her arm to steady her and looked down into her eyes.  “I’ve had a constant hard on since I first saw you.  I’ve spent my nights thinking about how you would feel under me.  How it would feel once I was finally inside you.  I want you.  And I know you want me.”  Daniel moved a step closer so she could feel his hard cock pressing up against her body.  Lia’s pussy flooded with liquid before she came to her senses.  She shook her head and tried to take a step back.  Daniel hauled her even closer to him than before.  “Why are you fighting it?  I want to make you feel good.  I want to pleasure you.  I want to make you come until you can’t move.  And I can.  Let me prove it.”  As he had been talking, his head had been slowly moving down towards hers.  Lia licked her lips nervously and it wrenched a groan from Daniel before he covered her mouth with his.  It wasn’t a kiss, so much as a possession of her lips.  Daniel moved one hand down to Lia’s hips, pulling her right up against his body so he could grind his cock against her throbbing pussy and the other one behind her head so she couldn’t move away.  Daniel’s tongue slid into her mouth and the feeling made Lia moan in arousal.  Lia’s hands moved up to thread through his thick dark hair and she nibbled at his bottom lip as his tongue explored every inch of her mouth.  Lia started rubbing her lower body against Daniel’s rock hard cock and felt his whole body tense up.  He tore his mouth from hers and started nibbling down her throat to that sensitive part where her neck met her shoulder.  Lia stretched her neck back to feel his mouth better against her skin.  “Fuck that feels so good.  More.”  She demanded.  Daniel growled low in his throat and then pushed her away from him.  Lia couldn’t understand why he’d stop when she was so close to begging him to fuck her right there and now.  Daniel took a deep breath and then roughly ran his hands through his hair as he tried to get some control back so he could stop himself before he turned Lia around, pushed her up against the nearest wall and fucked her until she was screaming.



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