“More Than A Holiday Fling” – excerpt II

17 Sep

Here’s another sneak peak at More Than A Holiday Fling.  Hope you like it! I’m probably halfway through the story but will need to get it edited as, well, I suck at editing!


“Good evening Lia.” Lia swallowed a scream and quickly turned from the refrigerator to where Daniel’s voice came from.  Daniel was leaning nonchantly against the kitchen door frame with his arms crossed loosely in front of him.  Lia’s palms became sweaty and her heart started beating so fast she thought she would pass out.  She swallowed a few times before she managed to speak.

“How did you get in here?” Lia whispered as her eyes darted around the room trying to find an escape route.  Daniel slowly straightened up and started to walk towards her.  Lia felt like everything was going in slow motion but it wasn’t slow enough for Lia to be able to move her limbs.  Daniel finally reached her and all Lia could do was try and disappear into the door of the refrigerator.  Daniel smirked as he saw Lia trying to back away but unable to move anywhere and placed both hands on either side of her, trapping her in.


My Poor Neglected Blog!

20 Aug

Oh my gosh, I haven’t posted on here in so long! I’ve been so busy with work and also trying to write a sequel to Holiday Fling (which, btw, I’ve started a few times and actually got halfway through before I deleted EVERYTHING as I didn’t like the direction Lia and Daniel were heading).  I’ve had the worst case of writers block! Hopefully with my new job being only a couple of hours a day, I’ll soon have the ending to Lia and Daniel’s story.  And as soon as I do, you’ll be the first to know!

Brief Excerpt of “More Than A Holiday Fling”

25 Apr

In Holiday Fling, I mention at the start of the story how Lia went to the same cafe every morning and always ordered the same thing – a skinny latte and blueberry pancakes.  What I didn’t mention, is that Lia is something of an addict….a coffee addict.  So just imagine what she’s like without her fix.  Here’s a hint…


“Shut up Matt.  I had a shit night and I haven’t had my coffee yet.  Do you really want to get on my nerves right now?”  Matt’s eyes widened in shock and he rushed past her without another word.  Everyone who worked with Lia knew she had a tendency to have rage blackouts if she doesn’t get a caffeine fix early enough.  There may or may not have been an incident where a stapler was thrown at someone’s head when they used the last of the coffee beans and didn’t refill the machine.


PS – I’m trying to decide how much of Matt will be in the sequel.  So far he seems like a nice guy.  But then again, this is the first time we meet him, so who knows!!

PPS – Yes, I also have a caffeine addiction.  No, I haven’t thrown a stapler at anyone’s head.  Yet.

Holiday Fling – excerpt II

18 Apr

Here’s the second excerpt from Holiday Fling.  What are your thoughts so far?


After spending the next half hour nervously pushing her food around, wondering how she could get out of going out with Daniel and trying to think of how she could sneak away without him noticing, Lia saw Daniel come from behind the counter and started stalking towards Lia.  There was no other way of describing the way he slowly walked towards her with a possessive look in his eyes.  Lia nervously swallowed.  “You don’t have to spend your spare time showing a tourist around.  I’m sure you have better things to do than visiting places you’ve been a thousand times.”  The look on Daniel’s face showed that he knew what she was doing and that she wouldn’t get away with it.  “Not at all.  I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing than spending the day with a beautiful woman, showing her the sights, getting her excited….about all of the great places we have here.”  Lia knew the pause was intentional and could already feel herself getting excited.  She had been turned on since Daniel had spoken to her earlier that morning and kept changing her mind as to whether today was going to be a good chance to have some great sex, or if she should run away and never look back.  Deep down though, Lia knew even if she ran, that Daniel would follow her and find her.  The thought both terrified her and excited her.  “Shall we get started?” Daniel asked.  Lia nodded and stood to follow him out the door.  They walked in silence for a few minutes before Daniel spoke.  “I’ve been watching you since you came to the café that first morning.”  At this, Lia looked up at him with an uneasy expression.  Daniel laughed. “Not in a creepy, stalker way, but trying to figure you out.  A beautiful woman holidaying by herself, eating at the same place every day, ordering the same meal, and ignoring all the admiring looks every single guy has given you.”  Lia shook her head at that.  “No one has been looking at me.  Hell, I haven’t even had anyone even speak to me unless they worked at the resort.”  Daniel shook his head in disbelief at her lack of awareness.  “Have you really not noticed every single guy looking at you like they’d love to eat you up for breakfast?  I have.  And I wanted to punch every damn one of them.”  Lia stumbled on the path at Daniel’s words.  Daniel caught her arm to steady her and looked down into her eyes.  “I’ve had a constant hard on since I first saw you.  I’ve spent my nights thinking about how you would feel under me.  How it would feel once I was finally inside you.  I want you.  And I know you want me.”  Daniel moved a step closer so she could feel his hard cock pressing up against her body.  Lia’s pussy flooded with liquid before she came to her senses.  She shook her head and tried to take a step back.  Daniel hauled her even closer to him than before.  “Why are you fighting it?  I want to make you feel good.  I want to pleasure you.  I want to make you come until you can’t move.  And I can.  Let me prove it.”  As he had been talking, his head had been slowly moving down towards hers.  Lia licked her lips nervously and it wrenched a groan from Daniel before he covered her mouth with his.  It wasn’t a kiss, so much as a possession of her lips.  Daniel moved one hand down to Lia’s hips, pulling her right up against his body so he could grind his cock against her throbbing pussy and the other one behind her head so she couldn’t move away.  Daniel’s tongue slid into her mouth and the feeling made Lia moan in arousal.  Lia’s hands moved up to thread through his thick dark hair and she nibbled at his bottom lip as his tongue explored every inch of her mouth.  Lia started rubbing her lower body against Daniel’s rock hard cock and felt his whole body tense up.  He tore his mouth from hers and started nibbling down her throat to that sensitive part where her neck met her shoulder.  Lia stretched her neck back to feel his mouth better against her skin.  “Fuck that feels so good.  More.”  She demanded.  Daniel growled low in his throat and then pushed her away from him.  Lia couldn’t understand why he’d stop when she was so close to begging him to fuck her right there and now.  Daniel took a deep breath and then roughly ran his hands through his hair as he tried to get some control back so he could stop himself before he turned Lia around, pushed her up against the nearest wall and fucked her until she was screaming.


Win a free copy of Holiday Fling (e-book)

8 Apr

Because I’m in such a good mood today (OK, I’m actually on a coffee high…) I thought it would be fun to give away a FREE e-book edition of my novella Holiday Fling!  All you need to do is comment below with your email address and the winner will be picked at random.

The winner will be contacted via email and they can choose to either have a PDF version emailed to them, or for it to be gifted via Smashwords (it can then be downloaded in versions such as Online, Kindle & Epub).

Competition ends at midnight WST (Australian Western Standard Time) Sunday 14th April.


Sequel to Holiday Fling

7 Apr

I have to admit that I haven’t written much on the sequel to Holiday Fling in a while, but due to a REALLY boring episode of My Kitchen Rules (there was no Manu until near the end…come on,seriously? I only watch this show for the sexy Frenchman mmmm) I’ve now managed to write the next scene in the story of Daniel and Lia.

Aaaaand I’ll also share the name of the sequel with you now.

It’s *drumroll* More Than A Holiday Fling.  I know what you’re thinking.  “Jade, where on earth did you get that amazingly original title for the sequel to Holiday Fling?”  Alas, I can not tell you, there’s just some secrets an author can’t share 😉

New Book Cover

4 Apr

I am SO excited to share this with you! The amazing Laura Shinn has created a brand new book cover for Holiday Fling and I am super happy about it!  Here it is and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Jade Riley_Holiday Fling_6x9

Holiday Fling – excerpt

3 Apr

Here’s a little taste of Holiday Fling – I hope you like it!


Lia could feel him watching her as soon as she sat down at the same table she had been having breakfast for the past week.  Every morning she had been going to the same café and ordering the blueberry pancakes and a skinny latte and each time, the same waiter delivered it.  The look in his eyes whenever her gaze locked with his seemed to say that he’d be happy to give her something else if she just gave the word.  Lia wasn’t sure whether to be excited about this, or nervous.  Ever since walking in on some slut and Brad, her ex-fiancé (make that her douchebag cheating ex-fiancé) fucking on the kitchen table in their apartment two months ago, Lia hadn’t had sex.  And Lia was a girl who liked sex and lots of it.  Something which the waiter seemed to know by the look in his eyes whenever he delivered her order.

“Here you go Miss”.  The waiter interrupted her thoughts by placing the pancakes and coffee in front of her, then standing back and staring at her as if contemplating having her for breakfast.  Lia felt her pussy start to tingle at the thought of it and quickly looked down at her pancakes to hide her reaction.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the waiter try to hide a small smirk at her behaviour.  Instead of walking back to the counter as he usually did, the waiter cleared his throat as he waited for Lia to look back at him.  As she locked eyes with him, he grinned and asked “How are you enjoying your holiday so far?  Have you been spending your time exploring or just relaxing?”

Lia was slightly stunned that he was spending the time talking to her when she was used to him rushing back to serve the crowd of people that was usually in the café.  When Lia look around to see how many people he was holding up, she was surprised to notice there was no one else waiting, just a few other people already eating breakfast.  She looked back to the waiter and realised he was waiting for her to answer him.  “I’ve been spending most of my time just relaxing by the pool.  I haven’t really been to many places yet, just a few walks down the beach.”  The waiter’s smile widened to one of satisfaction which intensified the tingling in her pussy but also made her stomach clench with nerves.  Lia’s best friend, Amy, had told her to go off and have a fling with the first fuckable guy she met on holiday.  This waiter was definitely fuckable, but there was something about him that suggested he would fuck her so good that anyone after him would be a disappointment.  Lia wasn’t ready for that because she liked sex too much to want to be addicted to one guy for it.  So her nerves got even more intense when the next words came out of his mouth.  “You’re missing out on a great experience by not exploring this beautiful island.  I finish here at 10am.  I’ll walk you back to your cabin so you can change and I’ll take you out to all the secret spots so you can discover all the great things we have to offer here.”  Lia opened her mouth to make some excuse, any excuse, to not be able to go with him.  The waiter shook his head and his smile widened even more if that was possible.  “No excuses.  You’re coming with me even if I have to handcuff you.”  Lia’s nipples tightened at the thought and his eyes narrowed in on that.  His eyes met hers again with a sensual look.  “I can’t have you leaving here not completely satisfied.”  Lia started thinking of all the ways he could satisfy her with his hands, mouth and cock and gave a slight shudder.  The waiter smirked.  “Don’t even think about leaving without me because I’ll find you.  I’ll come back and get you at 10am.”  He turned to walk away then paused and looked back over his shoulder.  “By the way, I’m Daniel.”  Lia responded with a shaky “Lia.”  Daniel turned away again and continued walking back towards the counter.  “See you at 10, Lia.”


“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” – Robert Frost

2 Apr

Welcome to my new blog! As the title suggests (or declares!) I’m a new romance/erotica author and I’ve published a short novella called Holiday Fling which is available from Smashwords and also via the iBooks app if you’re an iPhone/iPad addict like myself!

I’ve been a romance reader since I was young and still am – if you ever see my iBooks (and real life) library, all you’ll see are romance novels.  My favourite authors right now are RL Mathewson and Kristen Ashley.  They both have strong, masculine men as the heroes in their stories but who are also very loving and affectionate to their women.

I’m currently in the middle of writing a sequel to Holiday Fling which I’m hoping to have complete by mid 2013.  If you’ve read Holiday Fling and have any feedback (positive or negative, I’m happy to hear your opinion either way!) I would LOVE to hear from you either by commenting on this post or by emailing me at jade.riley85@yahoo.com.au